aside A Nation That Does Not Honor Its Heroes Will Not Long Endure

I am overwhelmed with pride, admiration, and humility that I was able to spend 24 hours straight with a group of 9 other people from our gym that are absolute savages. (There was 14 others in total xbut I am going to focus on the 9 I know best).

Together we completed the GORUCK Memorial Heavy. It is the ultimate team building event that is based off special operations training.

This event started months ago. It started when I tried to convince people at the gym to suffer along side of me for 24 hours, to see what we are made of. To see if we could; and most importantly to take time to make a very small sacrifice in order to honor many who made a much larger sacrifice.

In short we covered over 40 miles in under 24 hours carrying a minimum of 50# at all times and at times under loads exceeding 200#.

We started with a little scramble of repeated upendings of our rucks to get out and present various items to the cadre from our $20 quit money, our ID, favorite snack, water, weight, clothing, then packing and unpacking our packs in a timely fashion.

This served to frazzle many of the people attempting to complete the event and rapidly set the tone for the evening.

We then completed two minutes of push ups followed by two minutes of sit ups. We were given standards to achieve and for those who were not capable of meeting them we were informed that we would be significantly challenged to finish. In case anyone was wondering Anita did the most.

We then performed our 12 mile forced March where we did 6.5 laps of Lasalle Park. We had to beat a 3:30 time hack but were allowed to go at individual pace, every single one of us finished well under the necessary cap.

Mike and I stayed together for this event as we were instructed to do it quickly. We carried the flag for almost all of the 12 miler and spent most of it trying to recall all of the people on our team and repeating a couple of phrases that we thought might be necessary later on in the event.

The above is my recollection of the course we covered during the event minus the 12 miler and anything we did that wasn’t A to B travel, this came in right around 28 miles.

We performed push ups, situps, flutter kicks, sandbag clean and jerks, pull ups at Delaware park, and moved an almost full length telephone pole miles through the city.

We performed the hero workout


400 m run

50 pull ups

100m farmers carry(two rocks)

50 ruck to overhead

100 push ups (10 every 10 yards on a football field)

50 toes to ruck

100 sit ups

400 m run

We were able to help a gentleman on Linden avenue spread almost 7 yards of dirt in under 30 minutes as a service project to bridge the communities of special operations and civilians.

We executed multiple missions throughout the city with a variety of different leaders from our gym where at the end of each mission they were given feedback on their execution and leadership style and skills!

We carried many casualties at many different times, from Gates circle to Niagara Square, and from Starin and Hertel to the playground at Delaware Park.

That was the hardest part for me. I had missed seeing an ”enemy” Toyota Prius in a timely fashion and was deemed a ”casualty”. This meant I was incapacitated. I was no longer able to help my team carry anything and was in effect dead weight.

I had to be carried in a tarp with handles from Starin avenue to Delaware park by the basketball courts. This was the 14 teammates I had. They each had packs, weighing over 40# each. 3 separate 50# sandbags, a 50# team weight, my 50# pack, a roller bag filled with weights and other various items.

I was incapable of helping in any fashion. I could only lay in the tarp aka litter until we made the checkpoint. They still had to seek out and destroy the enemy (Prius) whenever it was seen by performing 15 ruck swings everytime. I dislike Prius’s…

Many may ask why?

It is an opportunity for bonding and camaraderie that will never be replaced or bought. Yes we paid to do this but we were given invaluable opportunity for self exploration and we were able to dig into ourselves and discover if we had ’it’. A little more, a little heavier, a little longer, and much stronger.

It is not something that everyone can or should understand. The desire to push yourself beyond comfort and into these places is a unique drive.

Anita, Anne, Erica, Jim, Mansi, Mike S, Mike W, Shana, and Shelly you all have a special place in my heart and mind. You not only completed this event with extreme passion, vigor, and enthusiasm; you let me talk you into it and trusted me to help guide and direct you. I am beyond grateful for that. It is truly wonderful and one of the best gifts.

I must also thank our Cadre, Brad and DS for running a fantastic event. They were consummate professionals regardless of interactions from passerbys, DS killed it with us for Maltz, and they provided criticism that was productive, applicable, and timely. They made the event even more special to me.

Last but not least thanks to Seb, Tom, Nick, Jeff, and Jaime for being kick ass teammates and sharing the fun. Thank you to the Ruck716 community for allowing us to join you for this and for helping some of our athlete prepare and even borrow equipment!

I wonder, what is next?

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