aside Fear

Fear: It’s amazing how it can grasp us.

It is built into our DNA. It is something we feel intrinsically. It is a necessity. When we are children, fear can keep us safe. We have developed fears that we do not even know why we have them. We just do. Fear can make you sick to your stomach. It can make your palms sweat relentlessly. It can also give you power – raw, physical power.

Fear, during appropriate times, can provide so much adrenaline to your body that heavy objects can be moved like feathers. You can run faster and farther. You have heard the stories of mothers picking cars up off of their children, right? That’s from adrenaline. Sometimes this adrenaline can come out in such a high dose that it shuts down or blocks some of our higher level cognitive functions and base instincts take the wheel. This is called a fight-or-flight response.

Right now, I am writing this in a down right state of fear. I am full of anxiety. I am trying my best to stay on point but I feel like I have consumed every single bit of caffeine that the world has to offer. I feel like typing is a very deliberate act. That each key must be approached with a laser-like focus.

Fear is not all good or all bad. It is a mixture. It is a blessing and a curse. It can be life altering by leading to a super-human-like feat or it can be paralyzing like stepping onto a stage with a hot light blasting you in the face and sweat beading up on your forehead. When in these situations, and we all end up in them, we need to try and relax. We need to think of the worst things in our lives. Our worst experiences. Not the ones we tell people about. No, the ones that we keep hidden from the world. The days that cannot be spoken. The days that shall not be named. Take yourself there. To that day. That very worst day.

Resist the urge to run from it. Just go there for a single minute. Now, come back.

img_9312You made it through that day or situation. You are much tougher than you realize. Tougher than you give yourself credit for. You are tough, resilient. We tend to aggrandize situations. We make them bigger than they need to be. These situations will pass. Much like everything else you have ever been through. You will come out of it. You will make it through, or, you won’t. That’s it. Those are the only two options. You make it through or you do not. It may seem like an oversimplification or without any compassion, but it isn’t. It is the realization that we can either allow worry and fear to carry us in this ocean of life, allowing its waves to push us around as it sees fit, or we can choose our course and direction with love, hope and patience.

I experience fear every day, however, I will not allow fear to control me.


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