aside To My Son

Today, I felt a flood of emotions after dropping my son off at his first day of school. It completely caught me off guard.

img_4819As he got out of the car, I could tell he was a mix of excited, nervous and determined. He confidently walked down the hall towards his classroom, looked along the lockers to find his name, and then found his seat in his classroom and began coloring. 

In that moment, I experienced some wishes for him – the same wishes I’ve always had but continue to experience in different ways. I want him to do what makes him happy, to be kinder than necessary and to always be patient.

We all rush. To do everything. To get it all done. To go from one place to the next. I am guilty of this. To hurry rather than wait. I am learning patience and how to enjoy life’s moments.

Sometimes parents over-parent in attempts to correct their parents “mistakes.”  My son is not me. My son is not his mother. He is uniquely him. He does not have to learn either of our faults as long as we let him be himself.

I am enjoying this moment, but I am in no rush to see him grow up. One day I will put him down and I will never pick him up again. It scares me. I don’t want him to stay little forever, but I do not want him to rush to grow up. 

Denny, when you can read this, I hope it helps you on your hardest days and allows you to help others on your brightest days. 

Just be you. Don’t worry about what other people think about you. That’s none of your business. There are people in this world that do not like pizza, so it’s okay if some people do not like you. 

It’s okay to not know exactly where you’re going. Life is about the journey, not the ending. 

Communicate. People cannot read minds and no one can help you if you don’t say anything. Ask for help when you need it. 

You can learn something from anyone.  It doesn’t matter how many letters come after yours, the car you drive or how many numbers are on your paycheck. 

Lastly, I will love you always with my whole heart. I may get angry, I may disagree, but I will always be on your team. Always. 

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