Judge, Jury & Executioner

I have seen, heard and witnessed so many people judge others because of how another person chooses to live his or her own life. I’m not talking big things either. Small stuff, things that don’t actually have a bearing on someone else’s life…

For example, when people learn that I don’t drink alcohol, some tend to think I am judging them because they do. I’ll let you in on a little secret: I don’t care what you drink! I do not drink alcohol (and have never) for two reasons: 1) I made a promise to my father when I was six and 2) I don’t know how to do something a little bit. I go all in.

I enjoy looking for and buying alcohol for friends as a gift. In fact, I’ve been told I have pretty good taste! I can appreciate quality, craftsmanship and uniqueness in anything.

13508962_10103147803134238_6292103314617686154_nI do not judge a person’s actions, behaviors or ingestions unless he or she is in my care as a health care professional and that person is paying me to “judge” those things.

What people tend to forget is that I am only human. I am not always looking at life as more work, and I am certainly not trying to make my life harder by throwing shade at anyone. None of us are in a place to judge anyone. We really aren’t because we aren’t perfect. We are all struggling to figure things out, and no one has it all together. That’s why I can’t help but wonder: How does anyone have the time, knowledge and inclination to blindly judge someone or some place?

Remember this: Everyone is going through a struggle that you know nothing about. Be kind, always.

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