One At A Time

How did you improve yourself today?

Some of you may be very quick to say, “I didn’t,” but that is probably not accurate. If you are reading this then chances are you are seeking more, you are seeking betterment.

When most people think of improvement of one’s self, they often think of it in more grandiose terms – like a huge promotion, an upgraded home or some other milestone event.

13490635_10100324981551671_2672878302950599682_oThose are mountain tops. You did not get to that mountain top by simply taking a single step or even two. There were a multitude of steps, some were infinitesimally small. Other steps were fantastic leaps, but most were mundane ho-hum steps that no one noticed.

Even failure is progress. Failure shows effort, an attempt to succeed and venture outside your comfort zone.

Think about it like this: If every single day your daily pay went up by 1/10 of 1 percent, you would be amazed what a year later looks like.

In 10 days, you would have a 1 percent increase. In 100 days, you would have a 10 percent increase. In a year’s time, you would have increased you’d pay by more than 36 percent.

That change happened via hundreds of baby steps. It is the aggregation of marginal gains that gives us improvement.

Did you learn something today?

Did you exercise today?

Did you do something outside your comfort zone?

Did you decide to be happy?

Did you make someone else’s day better?

Did you help anyone?

Every single one of those makes yourself better. Do not down play what you do and do not down play your importance to others.

Let them know their importance to you. How you have been helped by them. You do not know what kind of day, week, month or year they may be having.

The best way to improve is to help others, to give. I have never helped someone that was in need and felt bad about it after.

Just be a little better every day and keep doing it. That’s it.

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