Obstacles Or Opportunities

“The biggest obstacle we encounter in our lives lies between our ears…”

We can look at almost every single thing in front of us as an obstacle or an opportunity…

IMG_2699In the picture above there is a massive rock formation. Is it an obstacle to what you want to see or is it an opportunity to find beauty around it?  Maybe an opportunity to see if you can climb it or go around it?  Or is it an opportunity to really see how much you want something instead of taking it out of convenience?

These apparent “obstacles” may come solely from our own actions or may come from things completely out of our control. Most likely it’s a little bit of both.  Everyday I see people who will cower to these obstacles, that will attempt to shrink in the face of adversity.  People will say they will wait for the right time, or that they are afraid to act. They know what they need to do but are afraid.  Fear can be very powerful in good and bad ways. However, if fear is holding you back then you need to know this.

The time will pass regardless and you will most likely look back with regret. Most older people and specifically those on their death beds say they do not regret the things they had done but instead they regret the things they did not do.

Regret is tough to deal with, especially the regret of inaction. You cannot go back in time and change something you didn’t do, unless you have a Delorian which if you do maybe we could work something out and we could place a few bets!

What you do not realize is that there is a path over, around, through, or under that rock leading you where you want to go. It is up to you to find that path. It is up to you to make the proverbial leap into the unknown.

Every single time I have been faced with heavy decisions in my life, the ones that have weighed heavily on me, once I made the decision to act and carried out the action I felt lighter.  I would feel as though that fresh air had been brought in all around me. It is freeing and liberating. You are free from the constraints of the unknown because you have taken and created action.


Take the step, take the leap, crawl if you must because when you are in that position on your death bed you can have amazing stories or you can have what ifs, that choice is up to you.

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