We Can All Be Heroes

Originally, our heroes were presented as being perfect. They were completely selfless and altruistic. There was no gray; there was no moral battle. It was simple.

Then things became more like the real world – especially recently in the movies. We see the continuous struggle in these ambiguous situations where there is no right or wrong.

484350_10150881377528521_2006709953_nIt is said that a father is a boy’s first hero. Something my father did was never to hide his mistakes from me. He was honest about most things, to the degree that he felt was necessary at a given age.

I am far from perfect. I make mistakes every single day. It has been said that if you aren’t making mistakes you aren’t living or aren’t trying. I have never said or claimed to be perfect. The only thing I have ever claimed was to be a hard worker. That I have been able to achieve what I have because I work hard and I am persistent.

I have been and continue to be as honest with my son as often as I can. As parents, we agreed to always try to answer his questions and give him real answers as best we could. At times, it is daunting. Being asked 30 questions in a row can be very challenging especially when you are trying to not placate him. For example, when he asks why the sky the color it is while driving home at 9 at night after I worked 14 hours. But it has made this little boy continue to come to us with a variety of questions that show his thought process, his wonder and his concerns. It’s pretty amazing that by developing that habit it has shaped his way of thought and action.

We do not have to be perfect to be a role model. We do not have to be perfect to be someone that others look up to. Think of every single hero you have ever had. They have made mistakes, every single hero, even Captain America.

The point is this, you do the best you can in every situation that you are in. Just because you have made mistakes does not make you bad, wrong or undeserving. We all can be better. We all can improve. Any people that want to point out all of your failures, all your mistakes, and judge you solely on that and that alone are dealing with their own struggles. Every single person you meet is going through a struggle that you know nothing about…No one is perfect.


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